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Alliance for Marijuana Prevention

Let’s Be Blunt. No matter how you feel about Marijuana, it is still bad for youth.

What We Do

Our Message is Simple: Marijuana is a Dangerous Drug

Despite what you may have heard, marijuana is a harmful substance. Teens who use have lower grades, are less likely to graduate, and are more likely to be unemployed. Does that sound like the future we want for our kids? The Alliance for Marijuana Prevention (AMP) is focused on educating parents and teens about the effects of marijuana use. We are a collection of community leaders, law enforcement officials, parents, and educators who have banded together to help educate youth and young adults on the risks of marijuana use.


What are we Doing to Curb Marijuana Usage?

Based on the research, marijuana prevention and recovery programs are setup to help current users and those at risk. The Alliance for Marijuana Prevention Coalition and Fresh Coast Alliance want to “Shatter the Myths” in your school. Hear the personal stories of people who have faced the untold consequences of drug use. AMP has hosted “Shattering the Myths” at 8 different schools in Muskegon County. The presentations are hosted by DJ Hilson of the Muskegon County Prosecutors Office and features several recovery speakers who share their personal stories of being involved with drugs. Our AMP Partners are: Muskegon Parole Office, Sheriff’s Office, Muskegon County Prosecutor’s Office, Fresh Coast Alliance, Health Project, and Mercy Health Muskegon

Presentation Topics

  • Learn how to protect yourself and others
  • Hear the untold consequences of drug abuse
  • Learn the consequences of making bad choices

Shattering the Myths

Shattering the Myths group photo
Shattering the Myths group photo
Shattering the Myths group photo

Click on the images below to view our marijuana fact sheets

Marijuana Fast Facts Infographic
Marijuana Fast Facts Infographic
Marijuana Fast Facts Infographic
High Doesn't Get Hired Infographic

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Get the Facts

You Can't Argue with the Facts.

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Marijuana affects brain development. Teens who use have an average IQ 8 points lower than those who don’t.

Amp Icons-Brain And Timeclock


Marijuana can cause short term memory problems lasting days or weeks.

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Marijuana use in teens is increasing due to the lowered perception of harm.

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Marijuana increases the risk of psychiatric disorders, including schizophrenia.

Amp Icons-Blunt 33%


33% of Michigan teens have tried marijuana – soon to surpass cigarette smoking at 35.8%.

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One in every six teens who use marijuana become addicted. 17.9% of high school students had ever smoked a whole cigarette, 6.8% had done so before age 13. (Michigan Profile for Healthy Youth, 2015).

Amp Icons-leaf And Data Chart Graphic


THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, has increased from an average of 1% (1970) up to 30% (2013).

Coalition Members

Highlighted Members

Nate_web site

Nate Johnson

Coalition Chair

Nate Johnson is cofounder of Fresh Coast Alliance, a nonprofit organization that serves men and women struggling with addiction and/or reentry from incarceration.

The vision to serve formerly incarcerated individuals was formed during Nate’s own 12 ½ years of confinement. Time, and time again, Nate saw people return to prison. It was in these moments that Nate knew that he needed to set his focus on serving those returning home, by offering solutions to a broken system, thus eliminating the revolving door for individuals so desperately seeking a fresh start.  It wasn’t long after returning home before realizing that reentry and recovery were two sides of the same coin.  Hence, Fresh Coast Alliance has sought to be a part of the solution to Addiction and ReEntry in Muskegon.  

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